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To the Franklin Syndicate Auto Club



Franklin Syndicate Auto Club was founded in 1948 by four high school seniors. Our trademark, jacket patch and plaque is the 32 roadster. These have been the same for 46 years. The history behind the club name is signified with the founding gang of four (syndicate) and the first presidents middle name, Franklin . Our club has met and been continually active since 1948. The Franklin Syndicate by-laws were also written in 1948 with amendments through the years. Our incorporation papers were filed with the state of California in 1952. We are the oldest active car club in California. We hold charter memberships in N.H.R.A. and N.S.R.A. According to NSRA'S research, we are the second oldest active car club in the U.S.

Our members through out the years have taken part in the full spectrum of the auto sport. Franklin Syndicate has seen action at El Mirage Dry Lakes, Bonneville Salt Flats , circle tracks, tractor pulls, car shows and many drag strips around the country, and since 1972 street-rod events. Our club has changed to keep active with changing trends. We keep active during the year. We plan picnics, short, one and two day runs, poker runs and our yearly Christmas dinner. One of our first annual club events (required by our by-laws) is our safety inspection. Having NSRA's Central Calif. and the Southwest Division chief inspectors participate in these safety checks. Some nut and bolt tightening and minor repairs are done on the spot.

The Syndicate has sponsored a car run/show in the Lodi area annually. This event hosts about 150 cars. The proceeds from this event are given to a number of local charities. At this time the clubs membership is at 27 active families, all owning pre1973 street rods. We meet the first Tuesday of each month at a local Stockton restaurant. During the summer we cruise to a local parks. Our members take part in rod-runs in the Calif-Nevada area. Many years we have members attend national events. In June of each year we host our “Picnic in the Park”. This year was the 39th annual run held by the club. Franklin Syndicate is looking forward to many more years of street-rodding or what the sport changes to because we can change with the times.

Originally submitted 1994 by John Cavagnaro club historian and Syndicate member since 1957.

Updated 2014 by Doug Barr



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